MoneyTree is brought to you by a unique team of Financial service experts with over 50 years of combined experience. We have developed a proprietary method of forex trading that puts us at the top of the champions league table of Forex trading businesses.

We believe that a small acorn can grow into a mighty tree, let us grow your investment pot into a big tree!


MoneyTree is a WealthClub membership portal where its members can subscribe to investment plans that allow them to earn guaranteed returns of between 20 to 150% on their invested capital depending on which plan they sign up to.

How are we able to do this?

MoneyTree is not a ponzi or similar get rich scheme. We invest our members funds in the International Forex trading market by using our proprietary trading methods that allows us to only trade when we are most likely to make a profit. We have spent years of sweat, blood and tears coming up with and perfecting this unique method of trading.

How do I join?

Like any Airports first class lounge, MoneyTree WealthClub membership is not open to all. You can only join if one of our existing active members invites you or if we approve your application. We take pride in our Club being exclusive and we want to keep it that way.

How do we make money?

MoneyTree makes money, we won't try and spin it as if we don't!. We make money only when you make money. like we have said, we only trade when we are reasonably sure that we will make a profit, no matter how small. If you are looking for an investment offer that promises unrealistic monthly or yearly returns on your investment, then you are in the wrong place.
Our risk management strategy is based on one simple philosophy.... Slow and steady wins the race.


We have several MoneyTree investment plans which vary in duration. Your membership level is determined by how much you want to invest.


6 month investment plan 20% Guaranteed return No bonus payment


12 month investment plan 50% Guaranteed return Possible Bonus


18 month investment plan 80% Guaranteed return Possible Bonus


24 month investment plan 150% Guaranteed return Guaranteed Bonus

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